Thursday, April 7, 2016

We're Moving

Papas Missions has evolved into "Take My Hand", an international nonprofit based in Los Algodones, Mexico.  Information about "Take My Hand", Toma Mi Mano in Spanish, can be found at :

Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Take My Hand" Continues To Grow

Since the last post, the number of children at "Take My Hand" has grown to 24 during the week and up to 16 on Saturday.  Delia and Adilene continue to care for the children, give love, wipe noses, teach new skills, prepare meals, do dishes, and SMILE.  Two such wonderful ladies; the children are lucky!  AND, the first official Board Meeting was held.  A wonderful lady lawyer guided the group through the official document and paused frequently to interpret for us and answer questions.  The document establishes TOMA MI MANO as an International Nonprofit Company.  That enables us to expand into other activities that benefit the children and families of Los Algodones, Baja California, Mexico.   It is an exciting time for all of us as we move forward, with children as our primary focus.

Seems the house is always in need of some repair and one day in February, Mike patched up a few spots.  Kids are always interested in what he is doing.

The weather is finally warming up into the 70s and 80s, so the children spend more time outside and the big winter coats have been shed. 

A summer buzz...

At nineteen, Adilene is great at helping the kids exercise.

Posing is something they learn all by themselves.


a disagreement or two,

budding friendships,

new smiles,


 individual play,

 a little soccer,

are just some of the things that make up a typical day.  There is always movement!

And we had some visitors in February.  Orville and Marilyn spent a couple of days enjoying the children.

On Saturdays, when we have pizza for lunch, the older ones get to help create.

Wow, it was a full house this particular Saturday and they didn't hesitate to pose for a family photo.

I love to see the "old" welcome the "new" and invite them to play.

 Visitors always help - Marilyn pitched in with dishes and Adilene didn't seem to mind.

Mike does dishes some days.

The visitor is from Cranbrook and lives close to Papa Jack.  She tried to alter some tops but the machine was not cooperating.

Her husband enjoyed watching the children.

More exercises ...

New faces...

And the big day when the five board members met with the lawyer - Mike and I were proud to witness this milestone.

Three beautiful role models for our young girls; Miriam has a degree in Public Relations, Eddie has a Finance Degree and the one on the far right is the lawyer.

Moses, Delias brother,  and Alonso, who has managed a large nonprofit facility for many years will be available to help Delia, as well as the ladies.

The President of Toma Mi Mano, Delia, signs the formal document.

What a day that was!  God has brought together a powerful group of people to carry out his work!

It seems that every day we go down, we are bringing food and items that campers at Pilot Knob have donated.  The glasses and hats and spoon relay game were a big hit one day.

Don't you love this serious look...

Instructions were given but I'm not sure the little ones understood...

"Huh, you mean I can't hold the egg on the spoon???"

"Now, this works!"

Yea!  The whole last month is summed up nicely in this photo - YES!

Thanks to all of the many people who keep us in their prayers and thanks to those who have contributed money to buy food and pay rent and to those who bring us "fun stuff".  Take My Hand exists because of you; without you, it would not continue.  God Bless You.

Till next time, Remember to Listen When God Whispers and Respond When He Nudges.